Tech rider

For concert promoters, below are the technical requirements and other basic things, which represent the best conditions regarding the instrument I will play in concert. (Mind you, I’m not exactly paranoid about sizes or skin types or other things, don’t panic).


1 snare drum 14″ x 5,5″ (or 13″ x 5″)
1 rack tom 12″ x 8″ (on snare drum stand)
1 floor tom 14″ x 14″ (with legs)
1 bass drum 18″ x 14″


2 snare drum stands (one for snare and one for tom)
3 cymbal stands (one with boom)
1 hi-hat stand
1 bass drum pedal
All stands and pedals should be in good condition, able to be regulated, with felts, screws, rubber rings and hi-hat clutch


Top heads white-coated Remo Ambassador
Bottom heads transparent Remo Ambassador (white-coated without hole for bass drum)


1 drum stool (adjustable in height)
1 carpet (3m x 2m or more)


All the microphones, if needed, must be on stands, not clips, please


When there is a PA system, one monitor




















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